Sally Jaffee Pottery 

Sally’s life as a potter began in the early seventies. Rather than pursue an academic route, she joined a pottery co-op in Seattle: Pottery Northwest, and worked for years alongside other aspiring potters. She took workshops from professionals and college professors, and sold her work through galleries and craft fairs. Sally’s work became her life and steered her into a spiritual practice that acknowledged her pottery making as her sacred art. Her way of life for 40 years now has been the making and selling of pottery, and the moment to moment humble thanks for this opportunity.

Sally’s use of black, red and white glazing reflects a timelessness that she connects with. The Japanese kimono patterns create a theme which mixes with influences from the fine crafts of Africa, Greece, and Native American tribes. The imagery on Sally’s vessels has been individually etched through layers of black and white slips on white stoneware, either on the wheel or by slab construction. They are then glazed with an earthy red glaze and electric fired to a mid-range temperature. A final coat of satin low fire glaze gives the pieces their soft shine. All pieces are food safe and have been fired for strength and durability.