Q. Evon

By Suzanne Q Evon 

While attending Parsons School of Design, Suzanne Q Evon discovered her knack for wax carving. With this skill, and a passion for medieval metalwork and architecture, Q Evon Design was born. She later began studying privately with a master metalsmith and continues this study today. Her current body of work includes fabrication, granulation, acid etching, reticulation & casting of gold, silver, and argentium. "My work has always reflected a love for ancient metalwork and architecture. My current collections combine both gold and silver with an emphasis on texture and custom-cut stones. Reticulation, anti-clastic raising, acid etching, granulation, roller printing and the ancient art of keum-boo are combined to create rich metal tapestry. Each piece is as unique as the individual that chooses to wear my designs."