Moran Brown

Anne Moran and Robert Brown have been producing artwork together since 1998. Their current focus is on contemporary, abstract wall sculpture. We are concerned with rhythm, color, texture and line all working together to create an object of tranquil, sometimes dynamic beauty. Interplay of color and mark making are key elements in our work. In the “Cascade Series” we are exploring relationships of colors and patterns both deliberate and random. We thrive on pushing the medium to go beyond craft into sophisticated, expressive artwork. 

Constant experimentation with the material’s properties is a key part of our process. We achieve our palette from heating copper sheet with an oxy-acetylene torch. There is a large amount a spontaneity to this process which inspire and direct our designs. We utilize the metal’s reflective quality, which underneath oxidized pigments, produces a luminescent richness unique to this medium. The couple has created many custom pieces for hotels, banks and medical facilities throughout the United States. Recently they created two large pieces for the Bellagio in Las Vegas and currently are making eight large “Cascades” for the University of Oklahoma’s Schusterman Medical Clinic. 

They are thrilled to be creating work for public spaces that can be enjoyed by many and visiting these spaces themselves with their two daughters.