William Henry Kestrel Volcano B09 Folding Knife

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William Henry Kestrel Volcano B09 Folding Knife


William Henry Kestrel Volcano B09 Folding Knife 

The Kestrel Volcano B09 blade is forged in William Henry's signature wave pattern Damascus steel with a ZDP-189 core. The frame features a hand forged Carbon "Croc Skin" Damascus by Chad Nichols, it is inlaid with a 10,000 year old fossil of a Woolly Mammoth Tusk. The lanyard is made of leather and finished with stainless steel beads. 

Embellishments include Sapphires set in 18 karat gold bezels. 

Knife Dimensions: Handle: 3" Long, Blade 2" Long, Over All Open: 5" Long 

One Hand Button Lock 

Limited Edition of 25 

Certificate of Authenticity and Wooden Presentation Box Included 


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